2018-19 Catalogue Published, Part 1

John Siudmak Asian Art has produced their Catalogue for 2018-2019, the seventh in the series.

During the many years I have spent years working as a dealer in the field of Indian and Himalayan art, I have accumulated a great number of interesting items of different periods, styles and value, which were not part of my stock. Following the example of many of my colleagues, who are also in the same position, I have decided to offer these in a major clean-out, together with regular items of old stock. They will be sold in two parts, each with an on-line catalogue.

This is the first collection. A second part will be offered shortly, which will mainly be made up of terracotta sculptures. I will continue to offer more important items, which will be displayed on my website.

John Siudmak
December 2018

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